02 November, 2010


yesterday i foster three cats.
frisky,chloe and ah grey.
they still scan the house and ah grey like to hide behind my pillow
wont move even a bit.
hee hee 
after i cme back from toilet, i was looking for her behind my pillow...surprise
aiyok, gone!I don't want to see
then i look at my cabinet, here u r!

Chloe not really scared of me..
she just not really friendly yet.
wont come out 
just wanna stay under my bed

and the last one, mr Frisky
big grin 
very tame and love to cuddle 
easy to handle
not scare of me
when i call him, 
he will come to me 
 lepak time

 scanning my bedroom  laughing 


Amiey White said...

cute kitty give me 1 :D

Vixenlady said...

hahaha ni tlg jga kucing org :D
nk kena tnya tuan dia :p

NaddY said...

i read from petfinder.my...is nice of you trying to foster them for a while...

the owner must be joys seeing his furkids in gud hands...

sI tEDI said...

TQ stella tolong jagakan kucing kmleong. Cantik2 kucing dia semuanya. =))

semoga jasa baik kamu menjadi ikutan org lain. =))

Vixenlady said...

thats the only thing i can do naddy..
because i live in an apartment too but lucky me my management and neighbours is an animal lover.
as long as no meowing and smelly, management will let us

Si tedi - ni je yyg mampu kak tedi :D
ni time dia susah,
time kita tah bile lg kan..
niat sy nak tlg kucing2 dia dr jd mangsa org2 yg xda hati n perasaan.


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