20 April, 2011

Roberta - My Fav Channel

Roberta kisses

On a cheek or a chin
 That is the way
For a day to begin!

Roberta kisses

A cuddle, a purr.

 Mama wil bath us once a week.

My Roberta is more than pets,
She is  my children too.
She will guaranteed to cheer me up
whenever I am blue.

Im off to toilet. care to join?

U scared me to death u lil' ants!

Me and my Blackwood

Good nite mama. will wake u up around 5.30 in the morning ok :)

I have an alarm clock

That's covered with fur.

Meet my Boyfriend - Brandon

Meet Brandon - My Fav Prada

You're lovable, playful,

intelligent, bright.

Sleepy by day

and active by night.

Gracefully beautiful,

impeccably groomed,

no need for fine feathers,

expensive perfumes.

Sultry, provocative,

seductive and more.

You're the one my heart

will always adore.

When the day has been bad

and life feels flat,

I return home

to my darling cat.


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