20 January, 2011

Lunch and Dinner

Today is my off day

kinda hungry so lets find a restaurant for lunch and dinner

i choose ARTISAN PIZZA for my lunch.

i still wonder xmas n new year has gone but the tree still there :) nwm

just a simple hawaiian pizza and Cabonara

Pizza- not my favourite. the turkey too sour. RM16.00

Cabonara - SUPERBS! RM18.00

Service: Friendly waiters and fast serve.

For dinner we went to Cenang beach for steamboat

The only halal steamboat is at Restaurant Hj Ramli

so let check it out!

what can i say about my dinner is
tasteless and the veggy is not fresh
yes u were given two soups.
chicken soup and tom yam soup but tasteless.

they just put chicken, shrimp and beef in a one plate
the other plate is kuew tiau, mee, cabbage and etc

Price: RM 50.00

can u see the plate? i dont suggest you guys for steamboat at this restaurant.
for seafood, yeah is heaven but still consider expensive.

Service: have to wait like 1 hour and half just for 2 plate un cook meal.

02 January, 2011

Dear 2011, please be nice to me :)

it has been a month i didnt update since i stay in Langkawi island.
So So Sorry guys...
been busy with work (workaholic ok :p)

Will be back with alots of story bebeh

Have a great year everyone :)

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