27 November, 2010


i miss them 
i do

especially chloe.. 


 chloe and grey


ah grey

She is a special cat. She usually sleeps 
on my bed with Chloe, sometimes sleeps outside at the living room beside 
the curtain. When I leave my room to the living room she will get up and 
come to me with a soft voice. During the night when I go to bed 
sometimes she will climb up my computer table to get to the wardrobe 
cabinet and sleeps on top. When she gets down from the bed she will make 
the sound ummpphh like a human jumps down from a high place that kind of 
sound, maybe cause she is too fat? hehe. Everytime when I about to leave 
the house, go and get my wallet and stuff she will follow me rubbing on 
my leg like don't want me to leave, like as if she knows I'm going out. 
Sometimes when I go to sleep she will play with frisky at around 4am 
chasing each other, sometimes will also play with Chloe but she plays 
with Frisky more chasing each other jumping on my bed while chasing each 
-km leong -

i hope the new foster will taking good care of them praying


stella sia


Amiey White said...

Frisky so cute - bulu dia buat rasa nak ramas la :D

eh, ambik award nnty amiey put your name :D

Vixenlady said...

EH EH award apa amiey?
congrax :D

Amiey White said...


nnty bgth kalau mahu saya letak your name as penerima :D hehe
tag tu mahu wat wat kalau malas x pela~ :)

tapi ambik picture tu k...

Adrian Kuan said...

I hate the management/comitee I hate the neighbour. if it wasn't them my cat's wouldn't have evicted and Grey will still be alive.


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