11 November, 2010

Ronda ronda with furry kids and Old town

before  Ronda Ronda Penang

 my boy after play - very notty

 chloe, thats scary! oh go on

 Frisky cool and dont really playful. scared thea
hee hee 

 Thea really love Eight below
she just love the husky
someday mama bring u one
thumbs up 

 When i away to my desk
kyd waoke up and follow me 
and now look at my boy kiss

chloe fav port

i thought i wanna bring them to beach but is raining so just ronda2 around island

Thea hiding behind my legs.
 others, in the carrier and my little boy is the coollest cat of the day! 
big hug  

dinner time!



Eve Marcelle said...

checked out your blog..cool info's and all ur pets are sooo cute ^^

Rizal said...

cikot, ko duduk sorang je ker atau ader housemate, diorang tak kisah ke ada bnyk kucing kat rumah. kalau aku memang seronok le ada bnyk kucing boleh golek2 kat rumah. hahaha

Vixenlady said...

6org dlm 1 apartment
aku ok je
nk maen guling2 dgn diorg dtg lah :p


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