10 November, 2010

Seoul Garden Penang

Yesterday i went to Seoul Garden Gurney plaza
For the second time

cause my partner will flight to langkawi soon

=ugly face= i knew

we spend almost 2hours and half just for eat! tongue


Amiey White said...

entry ni buat saya lapar -
dala makan kat 'seoul' KOREA tu hehe jeles3 :D

# btw pertanyaan tadi - saya guna blogskin so da cuba buat ikut kod tapi x bleh gak :( da suruh yg pakar pun x blh so terpaksa la macam tu :)

kaseh - buat la shout mix :D best la main lawat2

eT said...

xpenah try foods ni sume...
best yer???

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Anonymous said...



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