20 October, 2010

Thea and VET

today i bring thea to vet for second vaccine.

and also to check her ears. got fungus lor..

Di vet tadi we met Miko (siberian husky yang kitorang usha hari tu kat pet shop)
cute giler and tame.

This siberian husky yang munkyguy ushar kat petshop hari tu 
Actually dia sedang habiskan Royal canin Thea 
after that dia smell thea
auww so adorable lor, like an 

auww beautiful miko 
another puppy yang ada kat vet tadi suka tayang gigi 
memang teramat comel lah kan

ha, tu tengah sengih tayang gigi HAHA
cute banget sih 

all stuff and doc tadi pun happy tengok gelagat puppy ni
lupa nama dia dah 

After waiting for 30 minutes,(yes, this vet orang memang ramai antar pet diorang kat sini cuz the best vet in town lah kiranya and agak mahal tapi puas hati)

First, Doc ambil sample kulit telinga Thea
and then dia tengok kat microscope lah kan

Doc tu perasan i snap this pic
* handsome okeh

two injection. vaccine and fungus
and tadi doc sua ubat cacing kat mulut dia

and then doc bagi ubat for skin tok minum sampai habis

 Ubat ni Thea kena minum o.5

ok so next vaccine will be on 20/10/2011


Ray said...

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Call me.
I don’t promise that I will make you laugh,
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Amiey White said...

Cumey nya doctor . eh silap kitty hehe .
Thanks follow cikot remember me ? nnty follow my entry k dear ~
love you from amiey
and i follow u back hint me shout k :D

Amiey White said...

comey nya doctor . eh, silap :P kitty :)
btw thanks follow me and i follow you back . comment my entry and hint me at shout k dear~
xoxo from amiey
p/s : remember me?ur senior limkokwing


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