20 May, 2009


“I couldn’t think of how bad as a child I was. I knew I was as naughty as the how the little devil acts.”
“I still remember how I lost my smile……one day I lost my very last smile, for many years”
“I had my first crush on standard 6. His name is Tengku Fauzie”
“I was an anti-socialist in the beginning. I hated to talk to people”
“Usually had my place last in the class in grading. I was too stupid I couldn’t even read a word from the text book.”
“After realizing bad result for PMR, I decided for a change of my life, studies and future. Finally my mind comes to senses of critical and more logical thinking.
“For the first time in my life, I score many A’s and be among of the top student in class.”
“…I have mixed personality…”
“2005 (Form5)… It’s state as my greatest year and moment I ever had in life. It was magnificent”
“(I am) A magic turn from an anti-socialist, to someone who people admires and looked up to”
“I never had much interest in boys or in other words, flirting, until I meet a boy named my Kyo
“I believe failing is the only way to learn to be better”
“I’m actually depressed and sad to watch how Malaysian makes their movies.”
“I believe life is like a book you write, every day is a new page and ever month is a new chapter.”
“I become more sensitive in character due to losing my closest best friend ever had (kila), mistreat my best friend who died later on (nana), and breaking up with the best, the longest, and most painful relationship (Aina)”
“The first night club I went to called Loft in KL”
“Sometimes I felt uncomfortable when people look at me as if im some kind of a different people among the crowd.”
“im still a shy person inside especially when it comes to new people. Trust me, I will talk non-stop if you are that close to me. “
“Styling and being up to date in fashion is already being part of my life”
Facts about Kaseh that are not mention in About Me:
“Love to Write Songs and Poems”
“Usually sleeps late at 3AM or later”
“Rarely pick up calls from unknown people”
“Prefer calling than SMSing
“As a childhood used to prefer Chocolate than Vanilla”
“Can be very very emotional and sensitive sometimes”
“Could be very ego depends on my emotion”
“Sometimes I cover up my feelings with just a smile”
“I could have a sad face or arrogant look, that’s normal, no offences”
“Hard for me to get mad over someone”
“Not afraid of the dark, not afraid of ghost or any supernatural stuff except god”
“Day dreaming and thoughts all the time”
“I rarely do the talking first, always wait for others to bring up an interested topic”
“Optimistic person”
“Don’t forgive easily as I use”
“Falling in love is my main weakness’
“Very ambitious person”
“hate people who have noting nice to say about me"


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