25 May, 2009


I’m looking for new friends,to start with.
I dont put finding a relationship as my top priority because I know only fools rush.
It’s quite hard to tell if I like someone,because I don’t let it show.
But when there is spark,I often play along until the very end before I know that I can’t seem to go any further.
It’s either I’m out of the game ,or keep playing.
See how interesting the journey goes for me.
When it comes to desire, I see myself being fully understood by someone I can really connect to.
I seek for someone who’s truly humble ,who’s protective ,respects me&
who live by the rule of honesty (the most important quality).
I need someone who can really be the light of my life,
to add back the smile on my face.
Someone who is very explorable in every way to leave me with
endless thoughts to be experimented.Is that You??

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