16 March, 2011

Oriental village Langkawi - Not for those afraid of heights!!

The cable car attraction in Langkawi is well worth a visit. For those wondering what the quality is like the cable car is Austrian built and the cabins from Switzerland...can't speak to the maintenance though!.

This is a must do few hour trip whilst you are on Langkawi.

One bit of advice, do not buy any drinks before you get on the cable car because the staff will take them off you (due to safety reasons!!!) - however once you're up at the top they sell drinks at a higher price!! Also walk along the new walkway it does not lead anywhere in particular, but does offer some good postions to take some good photos.

this cable car service is very subjected to the weather.

You can also walk on a something like a sky-bridge here. It is a very good experience. It made from concrete and metals, so it is very firm, but yet I seems like can feel the sky-bridge is vibrating while the crowd walk on it. At here, you can observe the views, the valley, the forest structure and the hillside cliffs. I like it. Nice breeze.... cool!!!

Make sure you do this trip on a nice clear day and enjoy the views!!
Really well worth a visit.

 Could see a lot of islands from up there. They even have a foot massage up there. It will not be a trip that you will regret, make sure you visit this place in Langkawi.

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